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What Is Racial Equity?

What is Racial Equity?

We lead our work with racial equity.

The definition of Equity states that it is ​“the state, quality or ide­al of being just, impar­tial and fair.” Racial Equity tries to empower fairness by acknowledging circumstances and meeting people where they are with the intent of serving them differently depending on needs. defines Racial Equity in two steps.

One is the“process” in which “we apply racial equity when those most impacted by structural racial inequity are meaningfully involved in the creation and implementation of the institutional policies and practices that impact their lives.

The other is “outcome” where we “achieve racial equity when race no longer determines one’s socioeconomic outcomes; when everyone has what they need to thrive, no matter where they live.

To achieve equitable outcomes, you need to have a steadfast approach and an understanding of the vast systemic hurdles that many communities face. Often equity and equality are seen as interchangeable, but in spaces of need the difference is glaring and can often lead many to go without the proper care.

Equality warrants that every­one gets the same things in order to be fair. Equity strives to acknowledge that everyone is not starting with the same advantages/disadvantages so you make changes to still allow them to compete.


Here are some links to help better understand Racial Equity:

nonprofit prince georges county
How Do We Strive to be Racially Equitable?

Prince George’s County faces numerous racial inequities that are startling when doing a comparison with our neighboring counties. There is an immense racial wealth gap that impacts this “majority melanated” community and is highlighted in the Racial Inequalities in Prince George’s County article.

This report demonstrates the demographic breakdown of racial inequities across multiple areas including education, income, employment, homeownership, and mobility.


For more information go to the Fact Sheet section on our website’s homepage.

Our nonprofit educates and promotes awareness of public policy issues that directly affect our communities. We also discuss injustice currently happening in our society and develop solutions to change both systems and our behaviors in order to stop the continuation of systemic racism and its effects.

We have developed new programs that center racial equity and encourage thought provoking discussions.

Learn about our Racial Equity Programming:

  • Courageous Conversations
  • Nonprofit Navigators
  • The BREW