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Breakfast With Tiffany

Breakfast with Tiffany Featuring
Congressman Glenn Ivey

On March 17th, Nonprofit Prince George’s County in partnership with Shabach Ministries Inc. and The Training Source Inc., held its quarterly Breakfast with Tiffany event. Our In-Person Nonprofit Listening Session had Congressman Glenn Ivey as our keynote speaker , where he provided remarks throughout the session, sharing his insight on how services are being provided and how partnerships between government and nonprofit organizations are necessary for creating effective solutions to these issues.

About Breakfast with Tiffany

Tiffany Turner-Allen is best known for her passionate style. From an early age, the media and entertainment industry was her passion, from hosting a youth orientated television show for 8 years entitled ‘Impact On Youth,’ where she traveled the east coast and interviewed everyone from former Virginia Governor, George Allen to marketing executives for Walt Disney world; to her college campus where she was the personality for the station’s only hip-hop and r&b radio program at WGMU.