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courageous conversations

Courageous Conversations is a discussion series designed to hear and learn from various subject matter experts on racial and social injustice issues. Our conversation starters have direct experience across a variety of industries and within public service. This space highlights the voices of Black and Brown people to discuss these long-standing issues, ask questions, and exchange ideas about how racial inequities show up and can be addressed. Please be aware that the topics discussed in this open series may be controversial and uncomfortable. This is a space where the topics can potentially be triggering, please practice self-care, as needed.

June 3, 2020


Courageous Conversation:

On the Ground since George Floyd’s Murder


Conversation Starter:

Leslie Redmond

July 29, 2020


Courageous Conversation:

In the Media


Conversation Starters:

Rev. Mark Thompson & LaFontaine Oliver

August 28, 2020


Courageous Conversation

Nonprofit Navigators


September 23, 2020


Courageous Conversation

Fashion Forward


Conversation Starters:

Korto Momolu & Joy Kingsley-Ibeh

February 24, 2021


Courageous Conversation

Political Firsts


Conversation Starters:


Candace Hollingsworth & Timothy Adams

June 20, 2021


Courageous Conversation

History of Prince George’s County